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Acne kit bundle

Acne kit bundle

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The Acne kit is 5 pieces. It includes Charcoal Soap, Oatmeal Scrub, Cooling toner, Aloe Moisturizer, Rose Water. You will use each item once or twice daily depending on your skin. The Oatmeal scrub is for exfoliation and is to be used once to twice per week. Your skin will get very clear near the 8th week. Stick to your routine while also incorporating a healthy diet and maintaining healthy stress levels. 

1-2 x Daily

Charcoal Soap

Cooling Toner 

Aloe Moisturizer 

Rose Water 

1-2 x Weekly 
Oatmeal scrub 


(other items for acne: clay mask, charcoal mask, dreamy moisture, mango butter, and plumping potion)